Wedding Themes


Wedding themes can be fun and can help co-ordinate a wedding and lend it style. Wedding invitations are probably, along with the date and the venues, the first thing you need to make a decision on and if you have not decided on a wedding theme it can be difficult to choose your wedding invitations. I hope this helps to give you some ideas on the different kind of themes and what wedding invitations and stationery would suit your theme.
A good way to choose a wedding theme is to have a 'mood board', why not have a wedding inspiration journal, see ours to match the wedding stationery designs, or you can get your own scrap book. In your wedding inspiration journal you can keep notes or pictures of anything that really gets you excited, be it an embellishment, a piece of lace trimming, a colour or a pattern, a picture from a magazine. Anything that takes your eye can be added to this book to help you build a theme of what you would like your wedding to look like. You may end up with a few themes emerging and you may have to choose. But remember to make it fun and try to start this as soon as you decide you are getting married to allow you plenty of time.
You may choose a wedding colour theme, which could be one colour, several shades of the same colour or several colours combined. They may be complimentary colours (opposite each other on the colour wheel) or they could be analogous colours ( harmonising colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel and are often found in nature). Alternatively, you may decide on a more creative wedding theme that reflects an interest. Both colour and interests can be combined, for instance, if you are an avid football follower you may choose team colours or you may decide that you want a Midsummer Nights theme for a garden wedding and have a pick colour theme running through it.
       Harmonising colours                               Complimentary colours
Harmonising colours                           Complimentary colours
Colour wedding themes
Black and white wedding theme - Black and ivory or black and white are a very chic and sophisticated colour scheme and blend in well with an art deco wedding theme. Black signifies elegance and mystery, whereas white symbolises innocence, purity and goodness.  Perfect for a winter wedding. Check out our ebony and ivory lace wedding invitations, matching black and ivory votive holder. See our black and white filigree heart wedding invitations that you can choose to have black gems or ivory pearls (click on image below)
Filigree Heart wedding invitations with crystals   Ebony and ivory lace wedding invitations   Ebony and ivory lace votives
Burgundy and Ivory - Burgundy or Claret and ivory are traditional and can work well with a rose wedding theme. Dark red signifies courage and desire. A dark red wedding theme is a great choice for an autumn or winter wedding. Check out our red rose wedding invitations (click on image below) or see our red rose wedding inspiration board
Red Rose wedding invitations pocket style   Rose bud soap deep red heart favour    Rose buds large cellophane bag
Red and orange - An orange and red wedding colour scheme is warm and vibrant and is perfect for a summer or an autumn wedding scheme. Red signifies passion, love and energy, whilst orange is associated with joy and sunshine and is thought to be tropical. 
Hot pink - This is a bold wedding colour theme and can be a bubble gum pink or fuchsia pink. Hot pink can be combined with orange to create an exciting hotbed of colour for a summer wedding or it can be more sophisticated with navy, brown or grey for an autumn or winter wedding colour scheme. Pink symbolises romance, femininity and love. See our hot pink wedding invitations (click on image below).
Sushine crystal fuschia pink wedding invitations   Hot pink wedding table crystals  Fuschia pink favour boxes
Cadburys Purple - Vibrant purple wedding theme has been on trend for a while now but still continues to be a dominant colour in wedding themes, particularly great for an autumn wedding, it also lends itself well to winter weddings and signifies nobility, luxury and extravagance. Have a look at our purple wedding invitations (click on images below).
Petal pocket purple wedding invitations   Purple favour boxes  Purple wedding table crystals
Aubergine - A slightly deeper purple but very classy. This is a relatively new colour scheme for weddings and is very good combined with ivory or light pink for a traditional autumn or winter wedding look. Shake it up a bit by adding orange. See our Aubergine wedding invitations to compliment this scheme (click on image below).
Aubergine wedding invitations  
Tiffany Blue - A turquoise blue that can look great with white or can be combined with chocolate brown for a classic look winter wedding or match with green or yellow to create a zesty spring wedding palette. Blue symbolises loyalty, truth and trust and is seen to be a tranquil colour. See our Tiffany blue wedding invitations (click on image below).
Tudor Rose wedding invitations  Turquoise wedding table crystals  Turquoise wedding invitations
Pink andorange (watermelon and tangerine) - A popular colour trend for 2012. This is a very fruity mix and is great for a summer wedding theme, bringing you joy and sunshine from the orange, together with tenderness and love from the pink. See our Flower Carnival pink and orange wedding invitations (click on images below).
 Flower wedding invitations hot pink yellow orange  Hot pink wedding table crystals  Soap hot pink favour
Green and Ivory - Green and ivory is a popular colour scheme. Lime green  and Olive green are more "on trend" whereas a sage wedding theme is more traditional. Green is a very restful colour, is found a lot in nature and signifies harmony and fertility. Dark green is associated with wealth! Click on images below for inspiration on which stationery would compliment this scheme. Emerald weddings are likely to be big in 2013 and 2014 as Pantone announce the colour of 2013 is to be Emerald fo rmore Emerald wedding ideas check out my blog post
Green and ivory favour box stripe ribbon  Rose garden laser cut wedding invitations  Soap Lime green favours
White or ivory - Prevalent in any colour scheme as the brides dress is usually ivory or white. But if the you use only white or ivory on it's own it maintains a classy elegance. White signifies purity and innocence but can be a bit stark, ivory is softer. Both are very light and airy and will give a sense of space. Add crystals or a touch of gold or silver. See our Ivory lace wedding invitations, rose garden lace laser cut wedding invitations, rose lace laser cut wedding invitations or browse our white and ivory wedding color theme galleries below for further inspiration.
White Rose Lace laser cut wedding invitations  Ivory Rose garden laser cut wedding invitations  Stressless bath bomb heart favours
Pink and Grey - Pink signifies tenderness and love. Grey signifies peace and is a passive colour. Pale pink and grey are great colours for a winter wedding or rev it up a bit with fuchsia pink for a spring or summer wedding. See our pink and grey wedding invitations and stationery (click on image below).
Hearts wedding invitations  Rose pink and grey wedding place name cards Rose pink and grey save the date  
Coffee andcream - Browns symbolises the earth and stability and is very present in nature and can be combined with lace or a rustic theme wedding. See our Coffee ad Cream Lace wedding invitations wedding invitations or  browse our coffee and cream wedding theme gallery below for a look at which stationery would compliment this scheme.
coffee and cream lace wedding invitations  Beige favour boxes  Ivory filligree night light holder
Pink, cream, beigeand peach - Romantic, soft and feminine. This is often linked with a vintage wedding theme. Mix it up with lots of lace, pearls and roses. Great for any time of year.  Check out our Vintage Rose wedding invitations or  browse our vintage wedding theme gallery for a look at which stationery would compliment this scheme.
Vintage lace flowers wedding invitations  Pink Rose Garland  Bath truffle favours with rosebud                                                
Green, Pink and white - A beautiful colour theme for a spring or summer wedding. Pink, symbolising love and green harmony and fertility and white adding a touch of innocence and purity. Have a look at our Flower Carnival pink and green wedding invitations or browse our Pink and Green wedding scheme gallery for a look at which stationery would compliment this scheme.
Flower wedding invitations pink and green  pale green favour boxes  Soap fuschia pink favours
Zesty orange and lemon - This is a beautiful colour scheme for a Spring, Summer or Autumn wedding. Orange and yellow symbolise joy and sunshine, lemon yellow is also associated with freshness and intellect. Green adds harmony. Look at our orange and yellow leaves wedding invitations ( click on image below).
Autumn leaves wedding invitations  Orange favour boxes  Yellow Soap favour  
Green and turquoise - A fresh and harmonious colour scheme for a Spring or Summer wedding. Harmony and fertility from the green and tranquility and loyalty from the turquoise blue. Check out our xxxx wedding invitations or browse our green and turquoise wedding scheme gallery for a look at which stationery would compliment this scheme.
Flower wedding invitations blue green turquoise  Turquoise wedding table crystals  Rock on turquoise and green striped wedding invitations
Lavender - Lavender symbolises grace and elegance and is a very feminine and nostalgic colour.
 can be combined with a darker purple shade or ivory. Use lavender favours and confetti. Scent your venue with lavender scented candles. View our lavender Thistle invitations or browse our Lavender wedding theme inspiration gallery below.
Thistle wedding invitations  Lilac wedding table crystals  Lilac favour boxes
Powder Blueand Silver - A gorgeous colour theme for a winter wedding, cool and sparkly, add crystals for some extra sparkle. Light blue is associated with tranquility and softness and silver is associated with intuition and riches. See our Powder blue and silver wedding colour theme gallery below to get some ideas.
Innocence daisy wedding invitation  Silver votives Tudor Rose place name cards
Creative Wedding Themes

Fairytale wedding theme 

A good reason to wear a full skirted ball gown. Take a horse and cart to church, have lots of sparkle and glitter decorations at the reception. Use swans, a glass slipper, castles and pumpkins in a display or as table centre pieces.  Footmen outfits can be used for ushers if you can persuade them! A castle cake looks great. Sugar mice can be used as decorations or given to guests as favours. Romance and sparkle are the essence of this theme.

Country Style wedding theme or a Rustic wedding theme 

Set in a Barn with plenty of bunting, floral chintz to decorate the venues. Use bunches of lavender tied in string or raffia, scatter old english roses or have bowls of them as table centre pieces. Hang heart decorations. Serve cream tea on paper lace doilies, with tea in vintage tea sets. Give guests lavender pouch favours.  Dot hay bales around to create casual seating areas. Have a  hog roast. Pots of herbs and lanterns can be good to decorate and use hessian and natural colours. Lots of night lights, fairy lights or a campfire adds to the evening ambience if you are having an outdoor reception, but remember to check with all that a fire is allowed. 

Cool Britannia wedding theme 

Incorporate a Fish and Chip supper or Pie and Mash. Blue, red, white and gold colour themes are great, add red white and blue bunting and flags to decorate, hang from trees if outdoors. Have jars of humbugs and mint imperials for guests to help themselves or pop into cellophane bags to use as favours. Sprinkle red white and blue table confetti. Have plates of cookies decorated with red, white and blue icing. Pop some English tea in muslin bags and label for favours. View our Cool Britannia wedding invitations

Butterfly wedding theme 

Always very popular, butterflies are delicate and romantic and can be used to decorate all from stationery to tables and the wedding dress too. Combine them with crystals or lace for a very romantic theme. Hang butterfly decorations from branches as a table centre-piece.  Scatter paper butterfly cut outs on the tables. Add a butterfly brooch to a ribbon and use as napkin holders. View our Butterfly wedding invitations

Carnival wedding theme 

Set in a tent with side stalls and popcorn, candyfloss and toffee apples on offer to your guests. Have sweet jars full of brightly coloured sweets for guests. Use balloons to decorate.  Give your guests lollypop favours. A seaside photo board where your your guests can stick there head through a painted seaside scene will offer some fun, as will a  bouncy castle, hook a duck, apple bobbing or a coconut shy. You could hire a fortune teller for the day. Bright mixed colour flowers and yellow and red stripes. 

Winter Wonderland Wedding theme

Create a winter wonderland using crystal icicles, lots of glitter, tinsel ribbon and twigs decorated with silver spray or snow spray. Twinkling fairy lights will look great, if you are able to hang them in trees that can be seen outside. Sprinkle crystal table confetti and snowflake paper cut outs on your tables.  Have a crystal tree centerpiece or twiggy branches draped in strings of crystal beads. have clusters of night lights to add to the ambience. Serve mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Blow the budget with an ice sculpture! View our Snowflake wedding invitations

Vintage wedding theme

Think lots of antique lace and pearls ( see our Lace wedding mood board). Cream, beige, dusky pink, buff and matt gold are great colours and are very romantic. Vintage crockery can be used, delicate floral teacups and plates. Old english rose table centre-piece looks beautiful. Use floral chintz table cloths. Rose garlands added to backs of chairs, draped around mirrors or wound round a stair balustrade will look great. Pretty cupcakes arranged on tiered cake stands. Get an engagement photo touched up in photoshop to give it a vintage look and add to a display table. Sew vintage buttons onto ribbons for napkin holders or add vintage buttons. View our Vintage wedding invitations or our vintage wedding ideas board

Shabby Chic wedding theme 

Like vintage but with a more worn, "second hand feel" Reminding us of gone by, our childhood or even of a past we wish we’d experienced. Roses and Peonies are great flowers to use. Pastels, Pink, green, cream, beige with a touch of deeper rose pink. Hearts and rustic items are added to eclectic mixes of prints and fabrics to decorate. Lots of  floral, gingham, polka dots, whitewash and patchwork. Doilies, mismatched floral dinner service and tea cups will decorate the tables. A tier cake stand with gorgeously decorated cupcakes. Have cake stands with other offerings, you could even pop you favours on them inside the venue entrance. Give guests a jar of home-made jam as favours. Have a vintage birdcage with flowers spilling out as a table centre decoration. Floral bunting or rose garlands look great draped around the reception venue. Rose soap favours. 

Victorian wedding theme 

Include lots of antique lace - lace hankies, corsets, petticoats. Roses can be stood in vases as table centre-pieces. Use vintage fine floral china.  Lace fans and parasols can be carried by the bridal party. Have a string quartet or a harpist play at the reception.  Candelabras on the table and a venue with chandeliers is great. Give guests vintage tea cups filled with sweets as favours. A posy bouquet for the bride or bridesmaids.  Crystals an fringing can be used to decorate. View our Victorian Rose wedding invitations

Art Deco or Flapper wedding theme (1920s) 

An Art Deco wedding theme evokes images of drop waisted dresses, long strings of pearls, cigarette holders, headbands and ostrich feathers. Have a  jazz band playing. Arrive in an open topped vintage car. Use feather boas to decorate. Have some Lempicka prints framed and hang in the reception rooms. The men can wear pin striped suits. Cocktails can be served on arrival at the reception. Give your guests humbug favours or have jars of them at the reception. 

Big Band wedding theme (1940s) 

Think full length gloves, hats with netted face veil, pearls, seamed stockings and stilettos for the ladies and pin striped suits for the men. Champagne can served or give guests a mini champagne bottle favour. Dance hall glitter ball. Hand out dance cards to the ladies. 

Bling wedding theme 

Plenty of crystals - Crystal table confetti, crystal tree table centre piece, diamond ring napkin holders, large "diamond paperweights" for favours. Tiaras and crystal hair decorations. Diamante trim or embellishments on the cake. Have crystal pins sticking out from your bouquet. View our Crystal wedding invitations 

Beach wedding theme

Have lots of shells and pebbles to decorate tables. Sticks of rock as favours. Driftwood, fish nets, lobster pots to decorate the venue. ( make sure cleaned thoroughly or may smell rather nasty!) Seaside photo scene board for guests to stick their head through for photographs. Give guests a few Guylian seashell chocolates in a cellophane bag to take home as wedding favours. Use Tiki lights to light the garden paths. Have at look at our Beach wedding invitations

A Tropical wedding theme 

Incorporate lots of bright colours. Have a steel band playing and serve Caribbean food at the reception. Serve Pina Colada cocktails and have bowls of tropical fruit as table centre-pieces.  Shell shaped soap, Guylian seashell chocolates or shell candle favours. See our bold and colourful wedding invitations. 

A Heart wedding theme 

Very romantic and what better theme for the most romantic day of your life. Hearts in every shape or size. Heart table diamonds to scatter over the tables. Have heart shaped paper cut outs with a ribbon for guests to write on and hang on a twiggy branch instead of a guest book. Have wedding cake in the shape of two entwined hearts. Use heart shaped blackboards to write signs on or use as table numbers. Serve heart shaped canapes to guests at the reception. A heart shaped cookie cutter in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon as a lovely wedding favour or give guests some sweetheart sweets in a favour box. See our Heart wedding favours and heart wedding invitations 

Flower Power wedding theme

Brightly coloured flowers. Sunny yellow, sugar pink. Relaxed and happy. Cupcakes decorated like daisies. flower shaped night light candles, Flower headpiece, Floral table cloths, Flowers scattered on the table. Have a flower arch into the wedding reception, or in the garden - great for photos. Lots of little glasses dotted around the reception venue with flowers. Scatter flower heads on the floor down the aisle in the church. Check out our flower wedding invitations.

Crystal wedding theme 

Will be often paired with white. Have a crystal tree - hang crystal beads and other crystal dangles from a twiggy tree. Have a crystal bouquet instead of using flowers, it will keep forever and be a lovely reminder. Wear crystal hair accessories, maybe a few crystal flowers dotted in your hair if worn up.  Lots of table diamonds scattered on the tables, crystal candle votives, crystal brooch favours. See our crystal wedding invitations.

Rainbow wedding theme 

Have the bridesmaids in different colour dresses. Brightly coloured flowers.  Cupcakes decorated in various hues displayed on cake stands or trays. Have tablecloths in bright colours, a different colour on each table. Use mismatched brightly coloured dinner service and glasses. Scatter mixed colour table diamonds on the tables. Have smarties in glass bowls, Tutti Frutti sweets and jelly beans for guests to help themselves. Give jelly beans to guests as wedding favours. 

Alice in Wonderland wedding theme 

A Madder Hatter's party of a wedding theme! Full of drama. Think mismatched tea pots and tea cups, different chairs sizes and shapes, large key shapes and playing card table decorations, white and red roses, Large top hat, signs showing the way round the wedding venue - "this way to the dance floor", Tea cup candle favours, or sweets or bath bombs in teacups as favours, sweets on the a table with labels saying "eat me". See our Alice in Wonderland wedding invitations

Nautical wedding theme

A nautical wedding theme will be Navy & white or navy and ivory. Use stripes, anchor shapes. maybe you can incorporate boats wheel at your reception and have plenty of rope, shells and netting to decorate. Sailors hats, life- belts, boats and fish can also be brought into this theme. See our Nautical theme wedding invitations.

Autumn wedding Theme 

Full of Gold, Yellow, Russet, Orange red and browns. Orange or yellow bridesmaid dresses would look great. Use leaves, pumpkins, apples, nuts, cinnamon sticks, acorns, gold votive holders and berries to decorate the reception venue and tables. A firework display is always popular. Use hay bales for ad-hoc seating. Have toffee apples and mulled wine to serve to guests as the enter the reception. Check out our autumnal wedding invitations

Halloween themed wedding

Lots of orange, with touches of aubergine and black. Use pumpkins, gourds, and broomsticks as decorations. Have a display of carved pumpkins just outside the reception doors for a lovely evening display. Think Bride of Dracula for wedding outfits. Use candelabra for table centre-pieces.  Tea lights dotted around and  bare tree branches with tea light lanterns and dangling spiders, will help create the right atmosphere, or hire a dry ice machine. A large cauldron would make a great display.

Arabian Nights wedding theme

A tent or a marquee is a great setting for this wedding theme. Use rich deep colours, lots of cushions, veils, and jewels to decorate. Have bowls of turkish delight for guests to help themselves to or give to guests as favours. Serve Moroccan food. Have a belly dancer to entertain at the reception. Jewel coloured wedding invitations with sheer ribbon

Pirate wedding theme 

A full on fun wedding theme. Think black, red and gold, stripes, eye patches, bandanas, parrots, nets, ropes, treasure chest, bottles of rum, assorted colour table crystals, chocolate gold coins, wooden leg ( use old broomstick handle cut down!), treasure maps, skull and crossbones flags, message in a bottle, cutlass .

Jungle Safari wedding theme  

An  exotic, yet earthy wedding theme. Think rich earth colours, animal prints, big structural plants, creeper vines, masks, bongo drums, tropical flowers - orchids, Hibiscus and Bird Of Paradise. Jungle hats, animal print, candles and wooden bowls can be used to decorate the reception venue. Have tiered cake stands with fruit draped from it as a table centre. Use wooden beads to decorate the tables.  

Western wedding theme 

A Hoedown of a wedding theme! Think country music & line dancing, gingham table cloths, wild flowers, horse shoes, neckerchiefs. Have a Bucking bronco at the reception. Arrive in a  Horse and cart. Serve Southern fried chicken and Margaritas, Cowboy hats, Cacti, toy guns, hay bales, wagon wheels can be used to decorate the reception venue. 

Swinging 60's wedding theme

Think bright daisy flowers, flower headdress, flowers scattered on table, lava lamps, acid colours, bold geometric patterns, love and peace signs. 

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding theme 

A magical, whimsical and romantic wedding theme. think mood lighting, flower garlands, twigs, leaves, lanterns, fairies, chiffon fabrics, lots of gold and silver. Have pastel colour flowers casually arranged around the reception area. Tie small bells on items that can be brushed against. Have glass bowls with petals and floating candles on the surface as table centre-pieces. Sprinkle glitter. Have twinkling fairy lights in the reception area ( would look lovely on the ceiling, silver goblets, butterflies, fairies. 

Las Vegas wedding theme

Think casino table, black tie and long dress,playing cards, One arm bandits, Black, red and gold colour scheme. Gold coins, casino chip, monopoly money and dice to decorate the wedding tables. Give guests lottery ticket favours.  

Masquerade wedding theme 

A mysterious and exciting theme for those that love theatrics. Think masks of all shapes and sizes, Dinner Jackets & Ball gowns, jewel colours, black, white, silver & gold. Have a string quartet to play at the reception. Decorate with  
ostrich feathers, candelabra and red roses. 

Oriental wedding theme

Think Chinese or Japanese. Red, black and gold or white and pink colour schemes.  Orchid bouquets and table decorations. Rich silk and Kimonos wedding dresses and flowers in the hair. Chinese lanterns, cherry blossom, parasols to decorate the venue. Silk brocade, fans, ying-yang symbols, chopsticks. Have bowls of water as table centre-pieces with floating candles, petals and flowers scattered on the surface. Give guests fortune cookies favours.  Have karaoke at the reception.  

Medieval wedding theme

A romantic theme that is steeped in history. Think candle light, long tables, flower garlands, drop-waist dresses, flower headdresses. Rich fabrics in rich colours, trimmed with silver and gold. Hire a juggler or jester for the reception. Celtic designs on wedding stationery. Use pewter goblets.  Use fabric banners to decorate the venue. Have a hog roast if your are having a summer wedding. 

Spanish wedding theme 

A theme that is filled with passion and romance. Think spanish guitar music, red, black and white colour theme . Black lace, frills, flamenco dresses, lace veils,spanish fans, maracas, castanets. Use orange blossom in your bouquet and table flowers. Wrought iron candelabrum, earthenware pottery on the tables. Throw rice confetti. Serve Tapas and Sangria.

Daisy wedding theme 

A beautifully simple theme that symbolises innocence, purity and freshness. Great for a spring or summer wedding theme. Think pure white or white and yellow, daisy flower garlands, daisy flower heads scattered on tables, float daisies in bowls of water with floating candles. Check out our daisy trim wedding invitations

Peacock wedding theme

Rich blues, green, teal and purple.  Serve Turquoise Margaritas - a stunning blue cocktail made using tequila, Blue Curacao and sugar syrup. Peacock feather button holes, Tuck a peacock feather in a ribbon tied round your napkins. Have purple, blue and green glasses or table cloths on each table. Add some peacock feathers to you bouquet and table flowers. See our Peacock wedding invitations and matching stationery